never thought that at a moment like this/ all i wanted to feel is your kiss
so many words on the tip of my tongue/ so many things that you should have done


h*ck yea


H A U N T / / B E D


as long as this stick-flowers-in-your-beard trend is going along with actual serious contemplation of masculinity being full of bullshit sometimes and that accepting femininity is totally fine then i’m all for it


Powerful portraits of the Liberians who beat Ebola 

To help humanize the overwhelming statistics, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and senior staff photographer at Getty Images, John Moore, visited an Ebola treatment center of the organization, Doctors Without Borders in Paynesville, Liberia. At the treatment center, survivors spoke about the brothers, sisters, husbands and wives they lost due to the disease. They also spoke of recovery, stigmas they continue to face in their villages and renewed hope.

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me: *takes two hours to watch a 45 minutes episode*

"Are you becoming what you’ve always hated?”
— Charles Bukowski  (via equily)


*ends every piece of advice with “idk though” so that its not my fault if i ruin ur life*


Jennifer Lawrence became deaf for a few days after a stunt involving her jumping into a body of water with several jets in it. (x)

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

"Truth doesn’t have to be liked. It only has to be spoken. Speak it out. The truth may hurt you, but it will set you free.”
— Amish Tripathi, The Secret of the Nagas (via unmaiden)